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I've been reading a lot about AI's influence on the workforce – mostly about how it's going to kill off higher paying jobs in various professions.

As the founder of I Design, I'm obviously concerned about web dev and graphic design. What does the future hold for my services?  

AASHTO graphics above Hilton entrance door

Tight deadline for large scale, high impact branding graphics 

AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) is a Washington D.C. non-profit that represents highway and transportation departments. Their Annual Spring Meeting was fast approaching, and they needed help. Their design staff was inundated with work preparing event materials, so they contacted I Design to handle the highly visible event branding.

My favorite job of 2021

All the ingredients combined to make a great finished product 

In March 2021, Josh Perque contacted me about doing a logo. I was super busy trying to launch a new business, but Josh was persistent about hiring me to create a logo for a podcast he had started with his long-time friend, Paul Ledet. I told him I needed a day to think about it, and I reluctantly decided to take the job. I'm glad I did. Even though I had to work nights and a weekend to get it done, it turned out great and it was my favorite job of 2021.

We just finished the "Save the Date" HTML email, self-mailing postcard, and logo for the New Orleans Botanical Garden's Magic in the Moonlight event for 2020. Some of the elements in the email led me to compile a simple list of do's and don'ts for those of you that use Mailchimp, Constant Contact or some other HTML email editor. 

1800s styling combined with modern graphic elements

The New Orleans Steamboat Company (NOSC), proprietors of the iconic Steamboat NATCHEZ, have added another vessel to their roster. The Riverboat CITY of NEW ORLEANS (RCONO) will begin service soon, and I was very excited to do the logo design and style guide.

logo design iconLogos come in all shapes and sizes, but not all logo files are created equally. Many companies are in a rush to complete their logo as it's one of the first items needed when starting a business.

Your logo is a very important investment in your business, and a good logo will not only enhance your image — it will also save you money in the long run.

I was designing a logo for a client a while back and the main concern he expressed when viewing the proof was that "my business does more than that." I had to explain to him that one of the main purposes of the logo is to brand his business by creating a consistent image.

Gray Line tours needed new artwork for the outside of their tour buses. The busses were completely wrapped in a photo design featuring some artwork I did along with pictures of some of their tour locations. Unfortunately, new advertising laws were passed soon after they decorated the busses and they had to strip all of the artwork off, leaving the busses bare as a baby in his birthday suit. Needless to say, plain white tour busses were not good for business.

I just recently worked with Teddy Brennan and Bridget Brennan Tyrell on a new logo for Ted Brennan's Decatur Restaurant. They showed me one of the original menus from Brennan's that featured a French Quarter lightpost on the front (pre rooster days). I worked with them on a few options and we all agreed on the version below. The new logo takes a historic design and gives it some modern touches.