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We're a well-rounded web design and graphics studio.

We design websites and other digital graphics.

I Design was founded by Matt King in 2001 as a side gig designing print advertisements and HTML web pages. After working as a designer for years in a few corporate environments, Matt decided to focus on his own business while starting a family in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Today, I Design has grown into a full-service website development and graphic design studio. Our current client base includes large companies and small start-ups. 

Here's a breakdown of the type of work you can trust I Design to handle for your business:


Website design and development

Web dev screen shot

We don't force you to use technology that maximizes our profit. We discuss your needs, then build a website that maximizes your investment. From complex web applications to simple HTML/CSS/javascript websites, we handle jobs of all sizes.

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Print Marketing

I Design has a great deal of experience in all types of print media. We fully understand printing processes and how to optimize graphic files for different forms of output. If you need any kind of print collateral, contact us and we can give you a quote.

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Other Digital Graphics

This category includes work that doesn't fall into the two main categories above. Digital graphics can be used to create almost any type of output in today's digital world.

Some of the other digital graphics we do include:

  • Logo design (which can include branding and identity consulting which are not Digital Graphics. Confusing, right?) 
  • Custom charts and Infographics
  • Presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote)
  • Social media tiles
  • Signs (could be output on steel, wood, engraved in stone, etc.)
  • Silk screen or embroidery designs (t-shirts, hats, marketing promotional items, etc.)
  • Anything else we can't put in Websites or Print Marketing :)

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