Rocky & Carlo's

Rocky & Carlo's Restaurant & Bar is a New Orleans area institution known for its fabulously oversized portions of Sicilian dishes and New Orleans classics including veal parmesean and the most popular item on the menu, baked macaroni & cheese served with brown or red gravy. They first opened their doors in 1964, but they had never had a web presence until 2019 when they contacted us for guidance. We put together a beautiful, simple website on the SquareSpace platform which we're now using for businesses that don't need a lot of customization (see our article, "Can I build a sufficient business website on Squarespace?").

I met with "Mr. Tommy" (Tommy Tommaseo), the son of the original Rocky. Tommy and the rest of the wonderful staff at Rocky & Carlo's are keeping the tradition alive by preparing the same dishes their founders served back in the 60s. But they didn't know anything about the Internet—they only knew that they needed a website.  We worked with them to determine the primary objectives of their first website:

  • to publish an accurate menu that could easily be kept up-to-date
  • to promote their event space
  • to show off their post-Katrina rebuild and their amazing food

The website has simple functions and is very easy for the client to maintain, so Squarespace was an easy choice. We knew that photography would play a big part in the websites success, so we did a photo shoot at dusk to capture the iconic neon sign, the event/banquet space and some interior restaurant shots. We also worked with David Grunfeld, a great photographer who took the food pictures that perfectly capture the oversized portions and mouth-watering plates.

Finally, if you're wondering about the "Ladies Invited" subhead on the home page, read about their history here.


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