Case Studies

METTON America, Inc. Brochure

METTON LMR (Liquid Molding Resin) is a tough and durable engineering plastic material used to produce lager or thick molded parts for many diversified applications.

We designed and developed METTON's website in 2011, and were hired to redesign their product brochure in 2023. As is the case with many industrial clients, the brochure they were using was "designed" by an engineer using PowerPoint and printed with a color laser printer. The content was good, but the presentation was lacking. 

To meet a tight deadline, we repurposed graphic elements, created for the website, into the brochure. The graphics were designed in Adobe Illustrator, which made the process of outputting the print files quick and seamless. 

The photo images were more of a challenge. We were able to use some new hi-res images,* but we had to extract some of the PowerPoint images, and upscale them with Photoshop tools. 

We also worked with a Houston area printer to ensure the job would be delivered in time for a trade show. 

Click cover below to view the final product.

METTON brochure cover

* Photographs for print should be around 300ppi (pixels per inch) at full size to reproduce clearly. Photos for screens (website, PowerPoint, etc.) are usually 72ppi.