I Design Works with Iconic New Orleans Restaurant to Bring Back Original Logo

I just recently worked with Teddy Brennan and Bridget Brennan Tyrell on a new logo for Ted Brennan's Decatur Restaurant. They showed me one of the original menus from Brennan's that featured a French Quarter lightpost on the front (pre rooster days). I worked with them on a few options and we all agreed on the version below. The new logo takes a historic design and gives it some modern touches.

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Keep Logos Simple

I was designing a logo for a client a while back and the main concern he expressed when viewing the proof was that "my business does more than that." I had to explain to him that the purpose of the logo is to brand a business by creating a consistent image.

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Purpose Driven Designs Result in Beautiful Layouts

I was reading a book on architecture with my son last night and he asked, "which of these buildings is your favorite?" I admire lots of buildings--the genius of the Colosseum, the beauty and scale of Angkor Wat, and the well adorned Chrysler Building to name a few. But that night we also read about the Guggenheim Museum in New York and that's the one I chose. 

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Star Wars Propaganda Posters

WWII propaganda posters really stoked the emotions. The U.S. produced almost 200,000 different poster designs during the war and many of the styles still influence poster design today.

For an interesting twist on the U.S. propaganda poster, check out these Star Wars Propaganda Posters designed by illustrator Russell Walks.

New Websites Published

I published another responsive Joomla website this past week. The Port of New Orleans plays host to the Critical Commodities Conference every year in April, and the website processes all transactions for the event including registrations, sponsorships and exhibitor space. The new design for the 2014 event utilizes a responsive layout and simplified navigation. 

I've also published new responsive sites for Louisiana State Representative Walt Leger and United Medical Providers. Since Walt is active in social media (I wish all of my clients were), I included some nice social tabs on all pages that make it easy for users to read, promote and share his posts. It's been a really busy summer, but I'm happy these sites are live and I'm looking forward to getting started on some new projects. I'll be designing and developing several sites that will feature full-screen client photographs in responsive layouts, so they'll look really nice. Looking forward to posting another story when they're complete!

Job Parameters and the Creative Process

Gray Line tours needed new artwork for the outside of their tour buses. The busses were completely wrapped in a photo design featuring some artwork I did along with pictures of some of their tour locations. Unfortunately, new advertising laws were passed soon after they decorated the busses and they had to strip all of the artwork off, leaving the busses bare as a baby in his birthday suit. Needless to say, plain white tour busses were not good for business.

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Responsive Templates in Joomla 3.0

Responsive web design is all the rage (Mashable called 2013 the Year of Responsive Web Design) and I'm working on a couple of websites that are utilizing responsive templates in Joomla 3.0 now. Responsive templates automatically adjust the content to fit the browser window, whether it's a computer browser, tablet or phone.

Viewing the site on a tablet? In portrait mode? No problem—the responsive template will adapt menus, sidebars, and all content to layout beautifully. This is important to note since multiple reports show that tablet traffic is growing rapidly, particularly in the US and UK. It's not enough to have just a mobile template—you must consider how your site will look on all devices.

Every site that I design from now on will utilize RWD as mobile traffic increases. Be sure your next website doesn't ignore the trend.

Simple Design = Clear Message

I recently redesigned an outdoor advertising campaign for the Louisiana Credit Union league. Last year, they gave me strict instructions to adapt a design that was used in California to the Louisiana market.

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