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Compelled to share this creative and funny ad by 3 UK. #PhonesAreGood

Does my website need an SSL certificate?

SSL padlockLately I've been contacting the clients that host websites at I Design about the importance of adding Transport Layer Security or a Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL) to their website hosting package. In the past, SSL was reserved for websites that shared sensitive data with users or sold products. But that has changed and in today's world, secure websites are a must. 

We now automatically install SSL certificates on all new accounts. And when we add SSL certificates to existing sites, we modify the site settings to automatically route traffic to the new https domain. This helps bookmarks or links that are already on other sites get properly rerouted to the new https pages.

With their HTTPS everywhere initiative, Google is really pushing sites to install SSL certificates. So not only does it help secure your site, it helps with your overall SEO. That alone should be reason enough. Also, web browsers will eventually start showing warnings for non-secure sites, so it's better to be proactive.

If you'd like to read more, here's a link to an article on that goes into more detail. 

Our latest site – Leger & Shaw

Leger & Shaw websiteLeger & Shaw is a full service law firm concentrating in maritime law and class actions & complex litigation. They hired a national company for their original website, but found out that bigger is not always better. So, they contacted us to develop a fresh site full of new features, including dynamic content on the homepage that highlights their experience in large, high profile cases. We felt it was important to highlight this experience, as it's one of the firm's most important distinguishing features and it separates their firm from the many other personal injury firms that fight for the crowded car and truck accident space.

We also consolidated their text and used elements that focused on the firm's strengths throughout the site. In the backend, the site uses SASS compiled CSS and LiteSpeed Enterprise to deliver fast, engaging, content on all kinds of screen sizes and devices.

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Streetcar ads are rolling now


I worked with New Orleans Steamboat Company this summer to develop a set of ads for the Steamboat NATCHEZ, Gray Line New Orleans and Café Beignet. This was my first time doing street car ads (I've done streetcar kiosks and station signs before) and It was a great project that involved some new angles of thought. 

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Just published a new website for a New Orleans Personal Injury Firm

We've just published a new website for the New Orleans law firm of Lewis, Kullman, Sterbcow & Abramson, LLC. Like almost all of our websites, this one is a custom design and we're very proud of the final result. 

Several years back, the firm hired us to replace their old site that was outdated and uninspiring. We quickly published a new, responsive CMS website with a new logo design so they could be proud of their online presence. They decided late last year to start on a new, more dynamic, modern website to compete in the crowded plaintiff law firm category. The redesign has lots of new features, including dynamic design tiles highlighting their practice areas and attorney bios (two of the most important sections of a law firm site), dynamic slider content on the attorney bio pages, and new keyword rich text. The new site is fast, engaging, and works great on all kinds of screen sizes and devices.

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Love that Instagram pic! Think I'll use it too.

It's easy to download photos from the internet, but in most cases, reusing them on your own site is copyright infringement. Photos that are classified as being in the "public domain" are the exception, so be careful when publishing photos or graphics on your site.

Also, with the ease of sharing photos on social media, it's good to know what you can and can't do with someone else's posted photos. Here's a short post from that explains sharing rules on Instagram.


White Space is Your Friend

used car adI have some clients (who will remain nameless) that like to fill every bit of space they have available with something – text, pics, stars, banners – anything but white space. I guess they believe that they're paying for the space, especially if it's an ad, so they might as well get as much out of it as possible. But I can assure you, that white space is your friend. When a print design, or a even a web page or app page are crowded with elements, it looks crowded. It looks messy. It looks like something a used car salesman would do in a newspaper ad. Okay for showing lots of information about lots of cars, but not very elegant or professional looking.

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Home Page Image Slider Tips

METTON image sliderIn my last news article, Does Your website Need a Hero Image?, I questioned whether following this layout trend was absolutely necessary. But I also mentioned that most of my new sites utilize photo sliders on the home page. So, if you're going to use a hero image or a big image slider on your home page, think about how it should look and work. Here are some basic rules to consider.

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Does Your Website Need a Hero Image?

im a heroTake a look at almost any newer website design on the Internet today and there's a great chance you'll see a giant photo or a huge photo slider on the home page. Just like fashion, architecture, and other industries, web design follows trends. People see other sites and they want their site to look the same. They go to seminars where "professionals" tell them "your site must have an enormous photo on the home page." 

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