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  • Another new streetcar ad is rolling now!

    Gray Line streetcar ad

  • Calling all travelers!

    If you're flying Southwest in September (or maybe October?), look for the ad below in Southwest the Magazine. Draw funny pictures on it then a snap a photo and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or message it to 504-400-6615. I'd love to see how you would improve it or make it worse—your choice. 

  • Classify this ad as really creative!

    classifiedsI'm a former newspaper layout and design editor, so I can appreciate this super creative use of a typically boring space.

    View story on Design Taxi 

  • Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    Although I don't do video production, I look for creative inspiration everywhere. Here are a couple of videos that are sure to inspire.


  • I Design Works with Iconic New Orleans Restaurant to Bring Back Original Logo

    I just recently worked with Teddy Brennan and Bridget Brennan Tyrell on a new logo for Ted Brennan's Decatur Restaurant. They showed me one of the original menus from Brennan's that featured a French Quarter lightpost on the front (pre rooster days). I worked with them on a few options and we all agreed on the version below. The new logo takes a historic design and gives it some modern touches.

  • Job Parameters and the Creative Process

    Gray Line tours needed new artwork for the outside of their tour buses. The busses were completely wrapped in a photo design featuring some artwork I did along with pictures of some of their tour locations. Unfortunately, new advertising laws were passed soon after they decorated the busses and they had to strip all of the artwork off, leaving the busses bare as a baby in his birthday suit. Needless to say, plain white tour busses were not good for business.

  • Keep Logos Simple

    I was designing a logo for a client a while back and the main concern he expressed when viewing the proof was that "my business does more than that." I had to explain to him that the purpose of the logo is to brand a business by creating a consistent image.

  • Purpose Driven Designs Result in Beautiful Layouts

    I was reading a book on architecture with my son last night and he asked, "which of these buildings is your favorite?" I admire lots of buildings--the genius of the Colosseum, the beauty and scale of Angkor Wat, and the well adorned Chrysler Building to name a few. But that night we also read about the Guggenheim Museum in New York and that's the one I chose. 

  • Should I stay or should I go now?

    Hostettler label

    Mystery caller says "Meet me in the Quarter. I got an interesting job for ya."

    I love being a graphic designer in New Orleans—you never know what the next job will entail. Last year, I got a mysterious call from someone needing help. The call went something like this:

    Me: I Design, this is Matt.

    Mystery client: I need graphics help. 

    Me: Okay, I can probably help you. What exactly do you need?

    Mystery client: I can't explain it, I need to show you. Can you meet me in the French Quarter?

  • Simple Design = Clear Message

    I recently redesigned an outdoor advertising campaign for the Louisiana Credit Union league. Last year, they gave me strict instructions to adapt a design that was used in California to the Louisiana market.

  • Star Wars Propaganda Posters

    WWII propaganda posters really stoked the emotions. The U.S. produced almost 200,000 different poster designs during the war and many of the styles still influence poster design today.

    For an interesting twist on the U.S. propaganda poster, check out these Star Wars Propaganda Postersdesigned by illustrator Russell Walks.

  • Steamboat NATCHEZ Turns 40

    Natchez turns 40Happy birthday to the Steamboat NATCHEZ--40 years and still going strong!

    The New Orleans Steamboat Company gave I Design its first job back on February 4, 2001 and it continues to be one of my best clients to this day. I enjoyed designing some materials for their celebration including invitations for an event, signs, a program and some magazine and newspaper ads.

    I love working for a true New Orleans treasure and I'm looking forward to the next 40 years!

    For a little lagniappe here's a nice article written by my friend, AP writer Cain Burdeau.

  • Streetcar ads are rolling now


    I worked with New Orleans Steamboat Company this summer to develop a set of ads for the Steamboat NATCHEZ, Gray Line New Orleans and Café Beignet. This was my first time doing street car ads (I've done streetcar kiosks and station signs before) and It was a great project that involved some new angles of thought. 

  • White Space is Your Friend

    used car adI have some clients (who will remain nameless) that like to fill every bit of space they have available with something – text, pics, stars, banners – anything but white space. I guess they believe that they're paying for the space, especially if it's an ad, so they might as well get as much out of it as possible. But I can assure you, that white space is your friend. When a print design, or a even a web page or app page are crowded with elements, it looks crowded. It looks messy. It looks like something a used car salesman would do in a newspaper ad. Okay for showing lots of information about lots of cars, but not very elegant or professional looking.