Case Studies

Retro design in a modern layout

Crescent Palms Motel websiteI've just published a new website for the Crescent Palms Motel located off Broad Street on Martin Luther King Boulevard. The property has a ton of rich history which you can read about on the site, so if you're ever in the neighborhood, drive by and check it out. You can also view photo galleries of the newly renovated property and the original Mason's Motel.

I designed the original site in 2008 and it served them well for seven years. Like the original, the updated site features a vintage sixties layout using architectural elements and colors from the renovated motel. Other graphic assets include an animated neon sign graphic, a large panning photo slider, and a nice retro headline font. The vintage design is wrapped in a modern layout that features a sticky header, mobile only nav buttons, and integrations for Tripadvisor and Expedia content.

The Crescent Palms Motel website was one of my favorites, but unfortunately the motel property was sold at the end of 2018 and it will no longer be a motel. We wanted to keep the site in our portfolio, so we put a copy of the site on our server and you can view it by clicking the link below. Some elements will not work (reservations, trip advisor widgets), but most of the layout is still intact.

Check it out here.